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   Here you can see I have already decided what motor I was going to use Saito 70 four stroke. The nose work is complete and waiting on the plastic cover from Great Planes along with a NEW clear canopy. I have started the covering on the tail and of course inspiration its a RED TAIL... 

   I was very mad I contacted Ebay filed a claim and yet nothing happened, now understand this was at the beginning of Ebay protection for purchasing was not all that great. So I ended up taking the plane and putting it away in the attic for a long time before I felt like doing anything with it, I'm like that I have to be inspired lol, and I was, I watched a movie about the RED TAIL SQUADRON. With that in mind I pulled this wreck of a plane out and started working on it.

I was right the plane looked GREAT.... In the pictures above. So when it arrived and I opened the box you can only imagine as to how I felt when I looked at the plane. I truly thought it was damaged in shipping at first but that just wasn't the case. It was flown and crashed.

   In the beginning of the Ebay era I won a bid on a nice looking Great Planes kited P-51.  These pictures will illustrate how nice looking the plane looked. Not only the pictures made this plane look great but the words that described the plane was as well.