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This the 7 th Crash due to Elevator Servo Failure Twin Servos Right Side Failed 

This is the 6 th Crash but yet the same plane 7 days later repairs made 7 more days it flew again only to meet its demise Aileron Servo Failure.

This is the 5th Crash I actually flew the plane empty and its Glide Ratio sucked... Warbird.... 

The 4th Crash well...  Wasn't I that crashed it I allowed a person I hardly knew at the time to fly my Quicky 500 as you can see the out come was not good for my plane, lessons learned...  Just because a person can fly a Citabrita  doesn't mean that same person can fly a fast nimble plane.

3rd  Crash recorded Elevator Servo Failure Motor was buried to the point I needed a shovel

This is the second crash within 2 yrs the result of an over head Power Line

This would be my First Crash Ever... Later found out that the battery pack actually FROZE. Lost all control and ended up in the Trees.