Hooked on RC Planes 

The Caption says it all....  I  truly am Hooked..  its more like an addiction or at least so they say..... lol...The Name is just that my last and my wife and son make up the TEAM.  I have been in this Great Hobby for 33 yrs, I have started out building my planes from boxes of wood that were delivered by UPS and when the Wife watched me open up the box for the very first time... SHE was SHOCKED....

    She said " That's what you ordered " " I thought you ordered a Plane ? " YES I did and when I am finished I promise it will be a plane.... lol....  see at the time the box only had Sticks of Balsa wood that resembled a mini lumbar yard. lol....   so if you like to work with your hands, tinker, build models, or just fix things in general, You should have no problem learning this Hobby... Although time has gone by and the planes you buy now are more complete so that it makes getting in the air much faster.  I cant strongly emphasis this enough... Find someone that has been in the hobby so that you don't get frustrated making bad choices or mistakes that potentially cost you MONEY... cause starting out mistakes will only discourage you. I have known several people that had made those mistakes on their own and after having someone like myself take them under my wing and teach them they have given their testimony to others and that has paid off  with long lasting Club members.